Varaform is a thermoplastic linear polymer obtains through a chemical reaction of a cyclic lactone oligomer which is impregnating a carrier made out of a large mesh textile fibre structure with an excellent thermal insulation. The thermoplastic polymer material has a fusion temperature around 160°F / 70°C. Varaform also meets international standards of biodegradability. Therefore, it contributes to the protection of our environment.

Varaform gets more supple by heat. The structure becomes weaker from 60°C/140°F and reaches the best flexibility at about 70°C/150°F.
The easiest way to heat it is to put the Varaform into hot water or, for punctual forming, using a hairdryer. Varaform is suitable as a stabilising basic to be combined with different other materials in order to reach a specific surface (paper, textile fabric, foam, ...).

Art. 201         heavy form                     per meter, width 120 cm                         

Art. 211         light form                        per meter, width 90 cm                      

Art. 221         Gauze                              per meter, width 1,15 cm