Tailor-made sizes

Both our standard and special models are produced according to tailor-made sizes out of the complete range of fabric qualities. Due to the consideration of the measurements and the use of different materials, production is much more complex and thus more cost-intensive. Each tricot will need its own paper pattern corresponding to your de-scriptive data.
Basically, we are producing to tailor-made sizes if you have passed us your measure-ments. Therefore, we will then invoice prices for this more complex process.

When ordering this kind of production, we need information about the following items:
- model number out of our catalogue or detailed sketch for your requested/special model (front and back drawing), requested material/s
- is it a model for men, women, or children?
- completed measurement sheet or detailed measurement information concerning:
° chest, waist, bottom, inner length sole to crotch, outer length sole to crotch, arm length, body height