Paper sheets (106x155 cm) are coated with the color you print. Cut your motive out off the paper sheet and put it upside down on the fabric. Use an electric heatpress at 200°C. Press the fabric about 10-15 seconds. By this method the color will be transfered born and bred.

You can print on Polyamide fabrics and Polyester fabrics (PES is recommended to be spe-cial prepared for printing). Do not use natural fibers like cotton or wool.

Tip: conduct an experiment! If you put the paper directly before you print into the freezer, the colors will be darker. If you worm the paper for example via radiator, the colors will be lighter. Vary the printing time: intensity of colors will change.

standard colors: red, claret red, brown, green, blue, yellow
we can produce each Pantone color you wish: minimum charge 5 paper sheets