A company with a fine tradition

For 240 years family Schreck has been closely related to the theatre.

In 1774 Christian Ernst Schreck started producing jersey leotards and catsuits for the theatre. He was known as an experienced artificer based in the German Vogtland in Thuringia.

In 1870 his great-grandson Carl Ernst Schreck established the first factory for stage knitwear. Quoted from a newspaper advertisement from 1923, company „Ferdinand Schreck“ delivered „(...) at factory prices: leotards, jackets, all-in-one suits, (Venus suits), slips, breeches out of the finest materials, in a generally accepted processing (..) as per customer’s colour samples, (...) as per customer’s measures“.

Until the post-war years the company was located in the German Zeulenroda in Thuringia and had been developing subsequently congruent to the located textile industry. Continuity and quality, rapid and reliable delivery as well as a great deal of human commitment to the theatre world and its artists had become the essential point of the company philiosophy.

During the confusion of the post-war years, Karl Gustav Schreck had to flee to Bruchsal. where he wanted to restart the business with the old idea and passion.

Karl Schreck and later his son Klaus Schreck definitely characterized the world of hosiery. With their neverending new ideas and the right feeling for the theatre world, they knew how to brand the name Schreck. This family has always been and still is being identified by the theatre.

This is how Frank Schreck took over company „Klaus Schreck“ in 2005 (founded in 1994). With his father and the company philosophy in mind, the textile MBA is aiming at running the business into the future together with his wife Stephanie in conformity with the guiding principle “Fast, good, reliable – with heart and mind.”

With this tradition of eight generations in mind Frank Schreck and his family company “Klaus Schreck” are still producing hosiery for international theatres, corps de ballet, musicals and film companies. New technologies and modern fibres are combined with the experience of several generations.

Schreck’s team, a cheerful mixture of both long-standing and youthful innovative employees, are always available for you to realize your creative ideas and concepts.

Christian Ernst Schreck, geb. 1749
Christian Ernst Schreck, geb. 1785
Ernst Ferdinand Schreck, geb. 1811
Carl Ernst Schreck, geb. 1852
Gustav Adolf Schreck, geb. 1881
Karl Gustav Schreck, geb. 1909
Klaus Gustav Schreck, geb. 1941
Frank Ferdinand Schreck, geb. 1973